What to be thankful for this year

thankIt’s a day after Thanksgiving and time with family this year has allowed me to reflect on my life of recent. As I am reminded all too often that my mother is very ill, I take solace in the fact that three years ago this week I planted my literary foot into the ground and began to see my U2 book project become a reality. What has happen since that car ride to Napa, talking to a self-publishing firm on our way to Thanksgiving, has been nothing short of a life fulfillment, meeting people who are ardent U2 fans and some close connections to the band.

Writing a story about how music can make such an impact on your life is not easy otherwise shelves would be full of them. It is the fact that I even made an attempt to write a book is shocking let alone have this project come to fruition. I say shocking because my parents are English professors and the last thing I ever wanted to do as a child was read. Being a graphic designer by trade, it is visuals with which I speak to the world, making someone else’s language come to life. Also, I am a horrible typist too, which makes it even more intriguing. Nevertheless, my life’s story is out there in someone’s backpack as we speak.

What my book taught me was that we should all try to make an impact in some way to another person’s life. I am not meaning that you all head to your computers to begin the arduous task of writing your life’s story in order to be an influencer. Instead, I feel we need more heartfelt connectivity in this cold world of cyber relationships. I say this because recently, a friend said that she was having a case of the ups and downs. She expressed her need to have her friends write and say hello to her in a very public way, an on-line interview. Interestingly enough, I needed her shortly after her expressive need and what was great was that she was open to it. I was grateful because she understood where I was coming from as we both battle anxieties of one form or another. And this brings me back to my quest to see my book about being a U2 fan come to life. If it was not for my writing of said memoir, we would have never become friends in this day and age of short lived Tweets and see what I am doing Facebook posts.

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