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U2 Fan Launches Memoir:

I’m a Fan: How I Married U2 Into My Life Without Going to the Altar

CHICAGO—April 1, 2011—What happens to a kid when his mother remarries after an ugly divorce?

What happens when a stepfather steps in to raise the kid and takes him on sabbatical leave where he witnesses the Polish solidarity marchers in Paris?

What happens to the kid when he becomes a young adult and presents his favorite rock band, U2, with a merchandising idea?

First time author Eric Shivvers answers these questions and more as he takes you on a life long journey of being a fan of one of Ireland’s greatest rock ’n’ roll exports, U2, in his memoir: I’m a Fan: How I married U2 into my life without going to the altar.

I’m a Fan relives author Eric Shivvers’ 25+ year love affair with the Irish quartet and how this passion helped shaped his outlook on life, which was shaken at an early age. Shivvers’ life fell apart at the tender age of 3 when his parents decided to annul their marriage. Left behind was Eric trying to piece together his life, until his mom marries an academic who takes Eric under his wing and shows him the world of travel, food, literature and art.

Eric dives into bands like KISS and AC/DC to escape the pains of childhood. As his peers turn to the new indie music scene of the 80’s and begin to push U2 onto him, Eric rejects Bono et al. However, the U2 curiosity takes the author on a trip of self-discovery where he finds the band has been with him for a long time.

His world opens up in Technicolor and the story of I’m a Fan: How I married U2 into my life without going to the altar takes flight.

When Eric’s mother, an Edith Wharton scholar, is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, his life collapses into a deep depression and the ensuing memoir about his favorite band served as therapy, life teacher and creative inspiration.

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