I’m a U2 Fan – Book Club questions

There have been several book clubs interested in having my book as part of their book club, which is very exciting. In response, I crafted some questions for them to use. If your book club is interested in reading my book, I invite you to use the questions below:

1) Was Eric’s memoir fun to read, or was it a little dry? Did Eric need to “spice it up” or “tone it down”? How could he have managed that?

2) Which part of the book did you find most interesting, and why?

3) How has reading this book changed your opinion of Eric’s fandom/life?

4) In this celebrity obsessed world, did you come away with a better understanding of how one can be deeply rooted in fandom?

5) What surprising fact, other than Eric’s U2 fandom, did you find in this book?

6) Does the Eric present information in a way that is interesting and insightful, and if so, how does he achieve this?

7) If you are not a fan of U2, did you find something compelling to recommend this to others who are not fans of the band?

8) What part of Eric’s memoir inspire you in some way? Explain.

I think the eight questions above covers the gamut. Enjoy and I look forward to further communication.

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