Last night, you got it right in Sao Paulo

I am like many of you, reeling from a great show that was lifted across borders and into our hearts last night from Sao Paulo. From the opening of Even Better Than The Real Thing to Moment of Surrender, U2 took the world out for a ride in their 360º car and it was fun.

I began following this band quite some time ago and I finally feel they have got it right when it comes to a live show. There is no clear set-list and on each new leg, of this tour, U2 adds a gem or two from their rich past. They are not afraid to dig into their their treasure chest of tunes to find a newfound gem with renewed energy. Yeah, Zooropa is not my fave but they brought it back, which means that any song in the vault is fair game.

In closing, I hope they can reel in this energy the next time around and put it into a tighter bottle. Yes, that would mean playing smaller venues, but that is okay because they are a club band who has turned stadiums, on this tour, into intimate spaces like portraits on your dresser. Each night, has been just as special as the previous. I am glad to see Larry, Adam, Edge and Bono showing their flexibility as they cover generations of fans who sit in their audience awaiting what is next even if we saw it the night before.

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