Welcome to the Web site dedicated to my U2 memoir: I’m a Fan: How I married U2 into my life without going to the altar.

Five years ago, an idea was spawned at a lunch gathering about documenting all of my U2 shenanigans. I felt my U2 stories were too personal and I wanted to keep them to myself. They were special to me. Something I shared only with close friends and family at dinner parties or at brunch. I never thought about writing about my life until my emotional being hit the wall as I was coping with my mom’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

I remember the day I began the book. Late October sun filtered through the window of the Amtrak train on which I sat waiting to go to Iowa. My wife’s computer was seated on a drop down table in front of me. The screen was turned on and staring at me blankly. Well, not exactly vacant because there was a default background image of a black Labrador lying on a non-descript floor waiting for me to make the next move. I opened up Microsoft Word and began to write in a stream of consciousness as we waited for signal clearance in order to leave Union Station. 72 hours later and on the way back from seeing the folks; I had 70 single space pages written and the beginnings of my book. Four years later, I am looking to publish my memoir.

Whether you are a U2 fan or a fan of pop-culture or a product of divorce I’m a Fan: How I married U2 into my life without going to the altar will not fail you. It is an account about how a band, more specifically music, came to my rescue as a child and has helped me in the best and worst of times. It is about a stepfather who showed me the world of art, literature and travel; my father who instilled the love of music; a mom who needed a son’s love to get through death and a wife who understands my U2 fandom. It is an honest story.

My hope is iamau2fan.com will build a community and help me make the decision how to release the book. I will release snippets from the book, a podcast or two of me reading from the manuscript and possibly a verbal podcast of my blog. For your eyeball pleasure, I have built a gallery of images that I will refer to from time to time. Of course the best part of the site will be the blog where you can get the back-story about writing the book, general discussion about life’s difficulties and of course a good sum U2.

Again, I thank you for stopping by and hope you stay for a while.

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